Blue between White

In the blink of an eye, a meter stretches forth into a haunting abyss, whilst the air grows stifled and the senses muted. A ghastly whiteout blankets the land, an ethereal shroud woven from snow and ice. The disorientation is total and complete, and to be blind means to only see white, orienting up from down now a pointless exercise. Nature's dominance becomes evident as you are forced to follow the guide and navigate the snowmobile via GPS.

During the moments of lucidity, you emerge from the dream-like haze and find terrifying beauty in the ever-shifting landscapes. Exploring ice caves beneath towering glaciers, translucent blue ice, akin to an enchanted sapphire, captivates with each step, offering breathtaking glimpses into timeless Arctic wonders - the ice an ephemeral oasis of blue, amidst a desert of white frigid desolation.


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